Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter's to Tuck in Your Pocket

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Today I link up with Ruth Povey and Sabrina Fowles for their Letter's To series.

Well, my excited, giddy and somewhat anxious children, your first day of walking the school halls is upon us. Tomorrow I will walk you to the bus or drop you off at your new preschool and you will begin a new adventure with new friends and sadly, new foes. You will find your mind opened, stretched and bombarded too. So here is a little note, a blessing, a talisman that I wish for you to tuck in your pocket and in your heart. And when you come home, know that you have stepped again into that world where no matter what went on at school, you belong.

Dear child,

You enter a world where you will be told you can be anything you want and where many competing voices will attempt to define who you are. My prayer is not that you will become the anything offered by those who do not know you well, but instead you will strive towards the one thing you are called to become by the One who fashioned every fiber of your being and who has counted every hair on your head. My prayer is not that you become the labels that others are so willing to slap on your chest. My core hope is that you become the name we gave you and told you about since you were a baby. Your life, though not yet lived, is already recorded in God’s book. He has already seen your failures, and He loves you still. Dear child, walk the halls of that school with your head high, because you are called, you are named and you are loved. And when you return home each afternoon, I will be here, having prepared throughout the day while you were away to remind you of your call, your name and that you are deeply cherished and loved for who you already are.

Love Mom

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  1. Oh Karin, don't we all just want this for our children. Praying right along with you! Wonderful post, thank you for linking up x

  2. Hi Karin, this is so heartfelt and lovely, a pleasure to read as always! :) Thank you for sharing xx

  3. A beautiful letter for your children to read and treasure! You share every mother's desire here. So heartfelt and wise. Really enjoyed reading this, Karin, and only wish I'd written something similar for my own boys when they were small. Simply lovely xx

  4. Hi Karin,

    This was such a beautiful letter. As I read it, I wish I also had it to hold onto when I was a school. I am sure your children will be mightily blessed by your deep love and hopes for their lives.

    1. Yes, much of what I do is what I wished I would have had as a child. It breaks me sometimes when I make that daily choice to do something that reminds me of my loneliness in those little years. Grief has been a frequent companion during these days of intentionality. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Blessings.