Thursday, November 21, 2013

Grief Expressions

I have found my heart bleeding grief lately. It is a new wonder, for grief has never found exit from the depth of my woundedness before. Today, the heavens matched the mood within and stirred words and images that I am realizing are part of this grief process. A coloring session with my son became therapy for me. The words that followed brought meaning to what flowed through the crayon wax.


dark day
seeps to meet
soul's dead mass
angry rays of pain
run veined thru
the Womb
of my being

there will be
no quick release
small portions only
spilling forth
     the poison in


  1. this makes me want to paint again. i haven't painted since last January. oh Karin, beauty--such a hard, hard poem yet such OBEDIENCE in it too. keep grieving and letting our heavenly father comfort you friend.

    1. Do paint again. I'd love to see what flows from your soul as you get in touch with this new thing God seems to be doing in you. Thank you for the comfort, for the prayers, for the encouragement. You are a blessing to me.