Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

I am jumping into Five Minute Friday. You might want to too. You read the prompt. Type for 5 minutes and post it. Then go comment on the posts before yours. It's a lot of fun. Here is this weeks prompt: song

Songs drift. That’s their nature. They have always found a way into my thoughts, my heart. Songs are God’s language to me and often my language to him. Sorrow gets found when a melody gently digs in spots I’ve avoided for so many years. Joy is tossed high in the air when beats and notes melt together in a celebration that becomes confetti drifting in the wind of the Spirit that blows upon my heart. Songs.

There were many moments as a child, alone in her world of pain, before I even knew what that pain was, that song and music kept me company. A gift from a most generous giver.

My expression is often released most freely in song as I make my way through the house and that song is loud. They often wonder where my children get their volume. It is me. When I am free.

Silence reigns too often, though. And in those corners of my heart, I still search for the song that will bring release. And in that moment when it is found, I will write it down, as I have so many others. It will become part of my collection of melodies that turned the locks of my heart. And they will be my testimony, as well, of God’s song, of God’s love. A precious gift.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Such a great prompt for you! Your words sing here, friend!

  2. awww so glad I was neighbors with you today, you are amazing and love this!!