Friday, May 10, 2013

Come Along!

New adventures are always fun to me. I look forward to fresh starts, fresh air and fresh scenery. This is such an adventure and I am stirred in my heart with anticipation of what I might encounter. Let me share why I decided to begin this blog. Words have always brought to me the comfort of a familiar blanket, scented with all things that speak security to my heart. Under the cover of these words I forever find safety. Sometimes the words are raw and sentences cut short with emotions. Many other days, the words flow with passion, fear, hope, or deep contemplation. But one thing has always been constant: letters strung together, grouped with purpose and then hung with other tightly bound letters and connected with symbols that finally shout out truth. This truth is the revelation of who I am. And God has given me this gift because he knew there would be a day that it would be safe to let it all go and declare to whoever might want to know that I am free to be me. In the past several months I have found myself emerging from a cocoon, and in that experience, I discovered I have a voice. This corner of the "cloud" will be where I can start to tell the story of how God created a unique treasure. And I hope to link up with  many others who have their own story of discovered treasure to tell as well. Please join me as we wander and engage!

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